1979-2006 (old) German Spaceflight Exhibition Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz

Section 4 - First German Spaceflight - Panel 2

Sigmund Jähn - Interkosmos Flight 1978

Images and documents covering the first flight of a cosmonaut from Germany, Sigmund Jähn. The mission of Soyuz 31 to the space station Salyut 6 started on Aug 26 1978 and ended with a safe landing of the Soyuz 29 capsule on Sep 09 1978.

The headline reads Sigmund Jähn - first German in space - Interkosmos Flight : 26.8 - 3.9.1978.

The images were cut out and rectified from photographs I took at the exhibition. Most of these images, however, were widely publicised in the aftermath of the mission, so I will try to exchange some by higher quality pictures ...

Sigmund Jähn - first German cosmonaut

The four candidates for the first joint spaceflight USSR-GDR in July 1978.

From the left: V. Gorbatko, E. Köllner, W. Bykowski and S. Jähn

Rehearsing an emergency splashdown

The launch vehicle carrying the Soyuz 31 spaceship on its way to the launch pad.

In the training capsule

Crew of the orbital station : Bykovski, Jähn (front), Kovalyonok and Ivanchenko (rear)

Lauch of Soyuz 31 on Aug 26 1978

Farewell to Earth. One last interview on the elevator stairways.

Kovalyonok (left) and Jähn aboard the Salyut 6 space station

Soyuz 31 immediately before erection of the rocket. The SAS rescue system is visible on top of the launch vehicle.

An impressive view from the space station

Mauretania desert range, image taken Aug 31 1978

Cloud cover above the oceans

Precise and in-time touchdown in the semi-desert of Kasachstan

Salyut 6 and Soyuz 31 photographed from onboard Soyuz 29

Trace of the orbital complex, image taken Aug 27 1978 20:34 by the Rodewisch observatory (East Germany)

Soyuz 29 capsule, currently on display at the German Museum, Munich

The traditional signing of the landed capsule

Soyuz capsule

Heartfelt welcome at his birthplace Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz

Map of start and landing places

Onboard navigation map Salyut 6 - Soyuz 29 - Soyuz 31

Chronology of the mission



Chronology of the landing

Philatelistica (GDR) commemorating the Interkosmos Flight

signed by Jähn and Bykovski

signed by Jähn and Bykovski

signed by Jähn and Bykovski

signed by Jähn

signed by Jähn

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