1979-2006 (old) German Spaceflight Exhibition Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz

The Exhibition


The exhibition consisted of 5 areas, each dedicated to a special field of space flight history.

Space Objects

The exhibition contained a number of space objects, space clothing and hardware. The majority of course was related to the first spaceflight of the German cosmonaut Siegmund Jähn and to German manned missions in general. All space objects have been relocated to the new exibition complex.

Scale Models

Since the exhibition area was very limited over the years, maxing to 200 sqm in the last years before it was relocated to the new exibition complex, it contained quite a number of scale models of space related craft. Most were made from commercial model kits, but some were very unique. Nearly all of the scale models have found a place in the new exibition complex.


A few spaceflight related book were on display in the exhibition.





Information panels


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