Dear Visitor, ...

image (c) 1985 by Ray Cunningham

... if you like this 3d reconstruction project and have yourself visited one of the "Lost Exhibitions" in the past, and if you took photographs there: please consider supporting this project by sharing your pictures.

Visitor's Gallery

Please consider to allow to have your pictures listed (in a moderate resolution like 1000 pix max) in our respective visitor's gallery. Of course credit and copyright for the images will be fully expressed.

See for example the visitor's galleries of Ray Cunningham or Dieter Hurcks.

High Resolution images

In order to make the 3d reconstruction as realistic as possible I would like to ask you to let me have a copy of your exhibition pictures in the highest possible resolution for the 3D modelling and texturing of the models, and especially to collect any text and information panels from them.

Since high-res imagery tends towards large file sizes it might not make sense to send any of these image files as email. In this case contact me at and I will provide an FTP directory where these files can be uploaded.

(If you don't have digital version of your photographs, only in paper or as slides, I'd be happy to do the digitizing of the images, I got all neccessary equipment including a slide scanner.)

3D Models

If you are a modeller and would like to contribute a 3D model of a spacecraft, rocket or other object to the project, this would be very welcome. I do use 3Dstudio Max 2012 with a number of plugins, so (except for Maya) I would be able to import a number of 3D formats. Of course all due credit will be given for any model used in this reconstruction project.

If you would like to contribute your "Lost Exhibitions" pictures to this project, please contact me at ...

many thanks

Jens Mondry

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